New Capacity Building Opportunities for Youth and their Influencers

As we pack up this evening and prepare to head back to Yellowknife for another week with some amazing young people and equally impressive adult allies, we are excited to launch a few new activities for Three Things Consulting.

Be sure to check out our newest program geared originally for schools –but applicable in any youth program in Canada: Calmer Classrooms.  A chance for children and youth to help develop the skills to experience the Relaxation Response, the body’s innate mechanism that enhances self- regulation, physical and mental health, and the ability to better cope with the stresses of everyday life. Fraser2

Stress is real for all of us – and equally challenging for children and young people.  Teachers and administrators know the effect stress has on their students and their performance in school.  Attendance, behaviour and educational success are all areas that suffer when children and youth aren’t able to manage the stressors they face: Calmer Classrooms has been designed to address that.

The 10 week program (in it’s primary format) has Dale attend a class for a period (or two) a week, providing instruction and guidance and walking students through a series of activities that will leave them, upon completion with the ability to walk themselves to a more reflective space and self-regulate themselves and their response to stressful situations.

This program is easily adaptable to be lead in full during a week (two classes a day) or in other settings outside of school.  Youth centres, employment programs, alternative education settings and children’s services are all viable spaces to provide the youth you serve greater opportunities for success.  Help students and youth de-stress and learn more about this exciting (yet calming) program at:

As well we are launching in Kingston, Ontario our first of six capacity building sessions over the course of the next year.  On National Child Day, November 20th, we will be leading a training session that will provide skills, experience and ideas how to best engage those youth who are most disconnected and disengaged.

We will walk through why they are disconnected (quite often, simply because they have never been asked like this before), how organizations can create change that helps build their internal policies and processes into a more youth friendly space – and will help define exactly that: what is youth friendly?

Learn more and register at

Well off to bed for us…early morning flight to the Northwest Territories where we will be working with the youth and adults to turn recommendations and action items into a creative message to share with the community on October 25th.  If you’re in Yellowknife that day, join us for lunch and have a listen.  We’re excited to see what’s in store…and we hope you’ll be to!