Ongoing in 2018/19: Click here to learn how you can join the Three Things team in support of Jack’s Trust Fund – established to support a young family in Kingston, Ontario whose six month old son was born with Spina Bifida. 

Community Sharing

 We’re all in this big wide world together and with that comes a tremendous amount of joy when we get to share our ideas, experiences and visions with each other.  Yet other times, it’s a reminder of the hurt and pain in the world.  Either way, we have the opportunity to do something and share with others.  Some would suggest it is in fact, a responsibility; one that we take seriously at Three Things Consulting.

Kindness matters in our interactions with others.  Sharing, in whatever way we can, matters.  It’s how we remind others that they are important, and they belong in the world. The Three Things team is committed to sharing what and when we can with important projects, activities and organizations that help people know they matter too.  This giving can include financial contributions to another organization or an individual’s project that inspires us, and we believe can make a difference.  We don’t limit our sharing with only registered charities and we have been known to take on and fund our own projects that we think can create positive change in someone’s life.

It can also include the sharing of our team’s time.  This can look like Pytor sitting in a voluntary capacity on Boards, Councils or Circles sharing his time, expertise and ideas.  It also at times means having one of our consultants working to support a project or activity with their fees being covered by Three Things.  Either way, these in-kind contributions are rooted in the concept that the outcome will help someone, or an organization, be healthier, happier and understand fully that they matter, they are important, and they belong.

Some of the organizations we have supported include:

Pathways to Education Canada 

Students Commission of Canada


Foodbanks Canada


Kingston Community Health Centre Pathways to Education

We would strongly recommend you visit these organizations, learn what they are achieving and find out how you too can support their important contributions to the community!

We are often inspired by others to share what we can, for example when a pair of red Converse high-tops got delivered to our office.  Learn more from last years #GivingTuesday about the story inspired by our friends at CBA Canada.

If you know of a great cause or an exciting opportunity for us to support, feel free to email us at [email protected]!

Highlights of Helping

Our largest commitment to date was most certainly in 2015 with North & South: Connecting Youth Cultures where we worked with partners in Kingston, Ontario and the Northwest Territories to connect Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people – providing space for them to meet, connect, learn together, share experiences together and build up understanding of different lived experiences.

We spent four months with local youth (from Kingston and Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory) and Elders, providing information, education and space for the youth to connect with each other and Indigenous knowledge.  The group travelled to the north and in return the group they spent a week with from Yellowknife, Inuvik and Ndilo , one of two Yellowknives Dene First Nation communities, travelled south.

This project was powerful, memorable and made a difference in the lives of many of the participants.  Life changing was a term often used by the youth and we were proud to invest in something that mattered, for a group of youth who mattered. Learn more below about this fantastic journey!

Pytor has shared his experience and insight at various levels, including:

Pytor was appointed to the Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada: An Initiative of Canadian Women’s Foundation and over two years volunteered to help provide input into the creation of the report No More: Ending Sex Trafficking in Canada.  Read more at

Pytor was also appointed to the inaugural Premiers Council on Youth Opportunities by the Honourable David C. Onley, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.  In his term Pytor, with the others, in a volunteer capacity helped shape the terms of reference that would guide the Council for years to come and ensure strong Indigenous representation at the table.

Learn more about the Council and encourage young people to submit their names to be part of this important process at

In 2015 the Mayor and Council in Kingston, Ontario, appointed Pytor to the Board of Directors for Kingston Frontenac Housing Corporation.  Through his three year term Pytor committed to ensuring the voices of tenants were heard in a respectful, meaningful way.  This volunteer role concluded in 2017.

In 2016 Pytor was one of twelve national Indigenous leaders appointed to the RCMP Circle of Change, a group who have been called upon to provide advice and assist the RCMP in enhancing existing and new crime prevention programs and in identifying policing gaps in service to Indigenous women, families and communities as part of the RCMPs commitment to addressing the high rates of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Pytor currently volunteers on the Walking the Path of Peace Together Land Council, a group comprised of Faith United Church leaders and Indigenous community members in Kingston and area.  They are working together, building relationships and understanding while they determine how best to share and care for a piece of land currently available to the Faith United Church.  Three Things also provides other consultants time as necessary to support this collective and has committed to continue their support until August 2019.

Be sure to let us know of cool projects or ideas you think we can offer a hand to.  Because, again, this big world doesn’t have to feel so big when we all come together…