You Matter. You Are Important. You Belong.

The challenges young people face can be great.  Peer pressure, trauma, violence and the evolving social norms around substance use, media and self-image can create difficulties as young people transition into adulthood.

Young people want to make a difference in their own lives and that of their friends and family.  When young people do not feel heard at home, in school or their community many share that they don’t understand why they even try.  Does anyone care what they think, feel or do, many young people ask.   For those growing up today there is quite often an overwhelming sense of being alone, not fitting in and taking serious risks in order to, what they think, is fitting in.

Regardless of the path a young person is on, the 3 Things can become a part of their journey.

A valuable tool that youth can use as the find their place in the world.  Young people will learn why they matter, how they are important and where they belong. They will learn how to put these 3 Things into practice – and action as they learn how to share it with others.

A born story-teller, Pytor uses his own journey as a benchmark to demonstrate how dreams can be turned into reality, how to overcome challenges and how to not only like yourself – but love yourself. Pytor’s honest yet funny approach will inspire, empower and engage young audiences.  Including a participatory approach to motivational speaking and accompanied by creative and relevant media, Pytor has the audience become agents of change during the presentation and in their own lives.


Ideal for middle and high school students; youth conferences and symposiums, special events, youth serving organizations and programs.

The 3 Things For Youth Motivational Talk