Following the Gathering of Youth Wisdom was the Co-Creators Gathering, held in Six Nations of the Grand River and hosted by the Six Nations Language Institute and Six Nations Polytechnic.  This gathering was rooted in ceremony, community building and traditional Indigenous processes and activities, and brought together 38 influential participants from ten provinces and territories, including three Youth Wisdom Carriers (who were selected by consensus of their peers to represent them).  It was a powerful group of influencers and decision makers.

The objective was to have these leaders hear from the Youth Wisdom Carriers and discuss what they, as representatives of organizations with influence, could do to support, leverage and amplify the voices of youth in Indigenous education.

Through small and large group sessions the Co-Creators identified shared values of the co-creation process and key concepts that could address the recommendations from the Youth Wisdom Carriers.

One of these concepts was encouraging participants to sign a statement of support for the Youth Declaration and Recommendations.  Stay tuned to this page to see the growing list of signatories.

Meet our Co-Creators here.


Co-Creator Organizations and Allies


Regional Chief Morley Googoo, Chief Ava Hill, Dr. David Wheeler, Chantal C. Beaulieu