We have managed national and regional projects and campaigns, coordinated and led conferences, provided keynote addresses, facilitated symposiums, forums and workshops, and completed contracts in collaboration with a wide variety of government and non-government organizations in each and every province and territory in Canada.

Our consultants are a collection of past executive directors of youth serving organizations, managers in residential programming, senior advisors for First Nation political organization, award winning young leaders and logistic experts.  With extensive businesses and community work that spans Canada, our team of consultants have experience and expertise that can help you meet your organizational goals and enhance the role of young peoples.

Not every organization, government or First Nation can sustain engagement experts in-house. When you are in need of developing new programs or enhancing existing services we can provide expertise in developing programs that matter, that are important and help those you serve know they belong.

Our motivational messaging is delivered through keynote presentations, facilitating, hosting or emceeing events, and in our trainings and workshops. Our techniques deliver an impactful message as well as strategies that will resonate and be incorporated into peoples lives and work, long after we have completed our role.