We have worked developed and delivered positive youth development programs along with capacity building sessions for adult allies in almost every province and territory sharing our message with thousands of people. Participants in our programs have included Elders, children, youth, young adults and professionals that work with youth and young adults, such as teachers, youth workers, child welfare workers, health service providers, government staff, community justice workers, recreation coordinators, youth centre staff, drug and alcohol prevention workers, policy makers and Chief and Council members.

The youth who participate in our programs have been diverse in gender, background, culture and lived experiences.  They have included identified youth leaders, youth involved in risky behaviours, youth in government care or custody, street involved youth, LGBTQ youth, newcomer youth and indigenous youth, both living in a First Nation and those living in urban (or rural settings).

We want to join you in your work supporting the development of strong, healthy young people and helping them know & believe the 3 Things: that to you, they matter, they are important and they belong. Whether it’s building them up through a presentation or workshop, a LeaderSEED youth leadership program or building the skills and capacity of the adults in their lives through our day long capacity building sessions, we believe our programs and sessions can enhance your ongoing work with youth and young adults.

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