Three Things Consulting, an Indigenous owned company specializes in projects and events where the engagement of stakeholders is critical to success. We believe in outcome focused consulting, and we are committed to investing in social change.

With limited resources for community based and national nonprofit organizations, governments and First Nations, hiring Three Things Consulting can help you increase the engagement of youth, young adults and community in developing, designing and delivering programming more effectively and efficiently. Use the expertise of our team to help minimize risk of developing programs that do not meet the needs of those you serve or support. Our messaging, through keynote presentations, trainings and workshops, not only motivate and inspire they include practical tools that can be used by those you serve to create action in their lives, work and community. Our expertise compliments your experience and together will create stronger, more successful programming, activities and events.

Steeped in positive youth development, youth and community engagement, project development and implementation, training and capacity building, facilitation, assessment, strategic planning, partnership and program development, and knowledge sharing, our team brings a unique combination of skill and experience to each individual youth, organization or community we engage with.

Our roots and process are tied to a core lesson learned from young people: youth matter, they are important and they belong…and they need to hear this. Not just from adults but most importantly from themselves. This is also true for those who stand beside them. By telling ourselves ‘I matter’, it helps us share it and demonstrate it with the youth in our lives. 

Your needs matter to us, they are important, and if you are interested in working in partnership with young people, you have found a place where you belong.