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We provide a strengths-based approach to engaging communities and young people. We will inspire you, motivate you, and share the tools for you to do the same. Contact us today for more information.

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A venir cet été Pour Passeport pour ma réussite et ses partenaires

All This Summer For Pathways Canada and its Partners

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Come Walk With Us… after 100 episodes and with a busy summer here at Three Things, we are taking a summer hiatus – though we’ll be back in September to remind our friends that #youmatter, #youareimportant and #youbelong! A huge thank you to our dear friends, new and old, who joined us on the show, and the more than 250,000 folks who have tuned in and spent a Saturday night coming to walk with us…

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Thank You To All Our Friends…

Our consultants are leaders in their areas of interest and are the reason Three Things has been able to find the kind of success we have in each project, activity and event.  We are so grateful for them and we honour them.  If you’ve crossed paths with these folks, you know, like we do, that they are the foundation of the good works being done collectively by Three Things.  We are grateful they have stayed connected during these challenging past few years and look forward to seeing them, in person, and working together to create change.

Thunder Bay Youth Engagement with Pathways to Education Canada and the Regional Multicultural Youth Centre

It is an exciting time in Thunder Bay, as with the support of Pathways to Education Canada and their commitment to youth led community engagement, this spring Pathways Thunder Bay launched their full program focused on providing support to both Indigenous high school students and those in key identified neighbourhoods.  Working with the Regional Multicultural Youth Centre (RMYC) young people planned and organized Voices of Youth 2019: The Past, Present and Future, hosted at Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School, and brought more than a hundred Indigenous students together over two days with representation from each high school along with local community organizations, which offered great insight into what supports students were looking for in their educational journey.  Read a snapshot of the gathering and the young people’s calls to support them in their path towards high school graduation in Pathways to Education Canada Snapshot of Youth Led Engagement in Thunder Bay.

Now with a full running program, Pathways Thunder Bay has it’s first community of grade nine students finishing their first year and the dedicated team of youth and adults, working together, continue to create spaces for youth voice to flourish. Learn more here.

As the program evolves and grows, stay tuned to the amazing and important work that is taking place in Thunder Bay!

Building Your Community:

We Are

  • Indigenous owned with a national scope of partners and clients.
  • A team of diverse Indigenous and non-Indigenous consultants with expertise in various sectors, specializing in working with youth, communities, not-for-profits, and government.
  • Recognized leaders and respected helpers working in partnership with you, your organization, and your community. Bringing people together.
  • Skilled in positive youth and community development, leading to safe, strong and healthy spaces for growth and action.
  • Leadership, Experience, and Innovation. That’s Three Things Consulting.

Building On Your Strengths: We Provide

  • Motivational and Inspiring Speakers
  • Training and Workshops for Youth and Adults
  • Creative Community and Youth Consultations
  • Cross Cultural Relationship and Capacity Building
  • Innovative and Creative Development for Community or Youth Programming and Special Projects
  • Reliable and Professional Project Management at Local, Regional or National Levels
  • Meaningful Event Management and Consultation for Youth and Adults
  • Consultative, Guidance and Advice on Youth and Community Trends

Connect with Us

Your needs matter to us, they are important and if you are interested in working in partnership with youth or your community, you have a place where you belong.

3 Things Consulting

There are many choices available for organizations, communities and governments when engaging with outside vendors to support their activities, develop and deliver community-based programming, offer services including program evaluations, process facilitation and communications and provide strategic advice. Most provide quality work and it can be a challenge to determine the best fit for your needs. Based on the number of clients who have engaged with us repeatedly, we believe we can be the fit you are looking for. We have found when we share values with our clients, we are able to develop lasting relationships that provide meaningful and measurable results from our work. We root our work in traditional knowledge and processes, research and science and years of experience. We are Three Things Consulting. We are an Indigenous owned and incorporated company, originally a collaboration between three innovators with a combined experience of more than seventy years in facilitation, evaluation, program design, youth and adult gathering development and management, community and youth engagement, project and research development and implementation, training and capacity building, assessment, strategic planning, partnership/program development and knowledge sharing. Our roots and process are tied to a core lesson learned from our work: people matter, are important and belong. Our focus is on engagement, development, motivation and healing. We share #the3Things with young people, their families, communities and allies reminding them that they matter, are important and that they belong.
3 Things Consulting
3 Things ConsultingSaturday, June 25th, 2022 at 3:20pm
Some say young folks are the leaders of tomorrow. If we listen closely and open our minds and eyes, we will see they are leaders today. Grateful to share space with the Kashechewan Choose Life Youth Advisor, adult allies and our team this weekend on the unceded, unsurrendered Territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation. Building community and capacity one day at a time.
3 Things Consulting
3 Things Consulting
3 Things ConsultingWednesday, June 22nd, 2022 at 12:56am
Seems like the perfect day to talk about all those ever deadly Indigenous grads, in and out of Pathways Programs, from JK to PhD's - each as important as the others. A shout out on Indigenous Peoples Day to every one of you. You matter. What you have done, it's important. And you totally belong on that stage.

3 Things Consulting
3 Things ConsultingTuesday, June 21st, 2022 at 10:56pm
Grateful for those people who for ten years have helped create spaces where identity matters and is celebrated, history and healing matters, and where Indigenous People know they belong.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Indigenous Peoples Day and celebrated the strength, brilliance, creativity, love driven innovative spirit and most powerful sense of humour across the land carried by our Peoples.
3 Things Consulting
3 Things Consulting
3 Things ConsultingFriday, June 17th, 2022 at 9:44pm
These folks are #everdeadly. Then some. Thanks to @pathwayscanada for supporting a powerful weekend with #Indigenous #grads from @ceda.pathways.wpg @pcrs_bc #saskatoontribalcouncil - and thanks to the students for sharing so bravely on their journey with Pathways towards their #graduation.
3 Things Consulting
3 Things ConsultingMonday, June 13th, 2022 at 12:35am
This team. ♥️❣️♥️ So grateful for the expertise, knowledge, care, compassion, creativity, commitment and humour of these folks who helped create space for #Indigenous @pathwayscanada high school students who will all be attending their #graduation this year - to honour them, celebrate them and learn from them. They are the experts in their experiences. Chi Miigwech to our brilliant friends.
3 Things Consulting
3 Things Consulting
3 Things ConsultingThursday, June 9th, 2022 at 3:42pm
Be like Drives the Common Man.

Speak out and speak up.

If you are a Pathways to Education Canada student, Drives is right, we want to hear from you.
3 Things Consulting
@DrivesTheCommonManMusic joins the Three Things Team in helping lead Listen Up: A Journey of Hearing & Acting on Youth Voices for @Pathways to Education an...

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