Whether you are developing or delivering community or youth programming Three Things Consulting can help you as you move forward.   Our years of experience are an asset to your work.  We are available to support organizations and governments with:

Program Development

We can meet with you and your team as you develop new programming or enhance existing services.  We can facilitate a consultation process to engage and listen to those you serve, provide expert advice and guidance, share best practices and review of existing programming.  Either in person or via phone, e-mail and online Three Things Consulting can help ensure the program you develop reaches the right people, the right way and at the right time.

Proposal Development

We are happy to work with your organization as you submit funding proposals and requests to government, foundations or corporations. We can provide insight and ideas, consult with planned recipients to help them become part of the process and provide feedback on your draft proposals.

Enhanced Proposal Development

Many organizations do not have the staffing, resources or capacity to draft full funding proposals.  Three Things Consulting can assist you in this process.  From initial consultation with your team, collecting data to support your plan, gathering input from program recipients and developing accurate workplans and budgets we can author funding proposals that get results – the funding you need to move ideas into action.

Strategic Planning

Critical for a healthy organization is ensuring that you are on the right path to achieve your mission and vision with a set of values that represent who you are.  With strong facilitation, a strategic planning process does not have to be overwhelming or daunting.  Three Things Consulting can support your organization as you move through a process that will result in having a clearly defined and easy to use plan to move your organization forward.

Board Development and Training

Strong organizations have strong volunteers guiding them as their Board of Directors.  The decision makers, your Board, require the support to be able to fulfill their duties in an informed way.  Our Board Training can be an essential tool and opportunity you provide your volunteers to achieve all they can as they lead your organization.  Including tools and resources around both Board Operations and Board Governance our interactive approach will help prepare new members while renewing commitment from existing volunteers on your Board.

Partnership Developments

There is a growing interest amongst organizations and funders to develop meaningful, respectful and reciprocal partnerships between organizations serving similar populations.  Three Things Consulting has long lasting relationships with organizations, government and communities, including many First Nations and Indigenous leaders, communities across Canada. We can help your organization leverage the capacity and skills of others and enhance your existing and new programming.  We can provide introductions, facilitate meetings and help develop collaboration and partnership agreements that meet the needs of your organization, the new partner and those you wish to support.


Language matters.  So do words.  Three Things Consulting can provide tools and skills to your organization to help communicate your message to those you serve, funders and the community.  Skilled in translating adult messaging to youth in an authentic and genuine way, Three Things Consulting can support you with social media, media releases and program descriptions that will help share your ideas with the world.