Everyone matters, is important, and belongs somewhere. Not everyone knows this, believes it, or knows how to share this message with others. Young or old we all need to learn this truth, and how this truth can change our lives, our relationships and help us grow. Practicing the 3 Things helps us to create strong, healthy, and safe communities for everyone, particularly our young people.

Three Things was born out of the energy, inspiration and the excitement that Pytor and the original founding consultant and partners brought to the table.

When they began to collaborate together on various projects and events across Canada, interest in working together began to grow.  While their experiences were varied and diverse, they shared the same root beliefs: that everyone, particularly youth, matter, are important, and need to belong.

Pytor and all the Three Things teams caring and compassionate natures are complemented by experience, skill and competency and can be used by you to develop, deliver and guide quality programming, opportunities and inspiration that change lives in your community.

Our Mission

By helping organizations and governments create programs, processes, and opportunities for young people, we inspire youth and their influencers to make their lives healthier and their communities stronger, with a deep understanding that they matter, they are important, and they belong.

Our Vision

Sharing the values of Three Things Consulting with young people and their influencers helps create a resilient nation of youth who are secure in their roles with family, school, and community. These young people will have a vision of a world that is better for all, and be active contributors to its development.


The Difference Between Three Things and #the3Things

Simply, Three Things Consulting is the name of our company. It represents the core messages we want to share with youth and adults.

This message is #the3Things: You Matter. You Are Important. You Belong.

#the3Things are what we want you to remember. To believe. To repeat aloud in front of a mirror and of which to continually remind yourself.  We want you to incorporate #the3Things into your life, your programming and services to youth and community, while passing along the #the3Things forward to others.