Msit No’Kmaq: All My Relations Warrior Update August 21st 2017

Morning Report from the Warriors of Red Road at Sea on the Gulden Leeuw

We did not write any morning reports because we were on shore for 2 days in Falmouth, England. We had a fun time and ate food and just relaxed. The first day the facilitators put us in groups of 4 and let us explore the town of Falmouth. Some went to castles and others went to the beach and there were those who explored downtown. I enjoyed it very much because of the scenery and amazing food. I got to buy my twin’s birthday gift which it great I hope she likes it. I ate a pulled pork sandwich that day which changed my life. I could not help but feel so happy that day.

The second day we traveled to the Eden Project in Par, England. The Eden Project is an educational charity which showcases various different ecosystems from around the world and has a big dome that actually has real plants. The Eden Project also includes a seasonal exhibit and this season it is an educational and interactive exhibit about space.

Later that day, we got the Gulden Leeuw ready to leave the port. It took a lot of teamwork but we got the job done. When it was time for my night shift (20:00 – 22:00) We needed to set the sails so more hands were needed on deck. It was super cool to see all my peers work together. We ended our shift coiling a lot of ropes. I enjoyed night shift a lot.

We are now sailing away from Falmouth. I wonder what the next journey is in store for our group.

Melo Googoo, Brennan told me to shout you out so shout out to Brennan”s mom.

P.S Hi mom and Mais and Nicola I miss u and everyone.

Camryn Sock






UTC DATE/TIME: 21st of August 2017, 08:10

BOARD DATE/TIME: 21st of August 2017, 09:10

POSITION: 49º 45′ N, 2º 35′ W





SEA STATE: Small Waves and Foggy

WIND FORCE BEAUFORT: observe / check in the logbook


5 thoughts on “Msit No’Kmaq: All My Relations Warrior Update August 21st 2017”

  1. I had a vision
    the old Mi’kmaq would say
    the 4 winds will touch you
    no matter how far away
    we are with you
    on the journey
    keep shining

  2. Sounds wonderful! Definitely want to hear more about the Eden Project.
    It’s so uplifting to read the words of the various Warriors. You are all travelling with prayers and good medicine wrapped all around you. ❤

  3. Loved your blog post Camryn!! It sounds like you are all having a great experience. That little island sounds idyllic. So happy for you all.

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