Msit No’Kmaq: All My Relations Warrior Update August 15th 2017

Morning Report from the Warriors of Red Road at Sea on the Gulden Leeuw:  August 15th

As of late the Gulden Leeuw has been a race car on the ocean. We’re supposed to cross the finish line in 3 days. When home once seemed so far away, the farther we reach, the closer it seems to be around the corner. Our short time left on the boat is a reminder to appreciate the days coming and the days that have past. With laughs shared, memories made, and friends that only seem to come around once in a lifetime, we hang our heads as it has to end, but cheer and laugh as the days continue.

The warm winds of Africa and Portugal embraced us as we reefed our first sail. It was a gentle reminder of how close we are, but more importantly how far we’ve come. With the switching of the watch times again on the horizon, I look forward to the mornings of saying goodbye to the stars of every oceans night and hello to the next day’s sun. For the family and friends missing loved ones on the ship, the sun that lights our path, and the moon that we look up to, is the same one we see every night at home. We aren’t so far away, and we’ll be there again, soon.

And to all the mothers, fathers, grandparents and all our relations, we think of you every day, and you keep us moving forward when we question our strength. We miss you. Personally to my mom, my sister is doing good and she’s making me an awfully proud brother.

Denzel & Brady 





UTC DATE/TIME: August 15th, 2017 10:35


 POSITION: 50°48′ N  21°18′ W

 COURSE: Towards the finish line




 AIR TEMP: 13.5° C

 SEA STATE: moderate


 SAILS CARRIED: Outer Jib, Inner Jib, Fore stay sail, Main stay sail, Main sail, Mizzen Sail

3 thoughts on “Msit No’Kmaq: All My Relations Warrior Update August 15th 2017”

  1. Brady!! Hugs. You and Denzel did a great update. I somehow missed this one. Way to go Warriors! Super duper proud of you all. Hugs to my Girlie Girl. <3

  2. Very much enjoying your blog posts and your writing is impressive, youth. We hang on every word. Love the image of watching the stars until morning light.. We wish fair sailing into Le Havre and a wonderful time exploring in France.

  3. Your words speak right into our hearts as we can only imagine the beautiful
    Journey including all of Mother Earth’s Beauty from the oceans, winds, stars, sun, moon .. As we send our prayers for a safe journey to all..Peace, Warriors!!

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