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Leaving Toronto last wDogs lifeeek I stopped into Godiva Chocolatier and picked up a few gifts.  Originally I was grabbing something small for my housemate who looks after my pooch, Chico Bandito while I travel.  As someone who spends considerable time on the road visiting communities, meeting with clients and as a volunteer on various Councils, Boards and Committees I want my housemate to know how much I value what he does for me (and Chico) while I am away and some chocolate treats seemed the perfect choice.

When I walked in I saw a cone of chocolate dipped strawberries and immediately thought of another friend who is very helpful and supportive of my work and an ally to the young people I work with.  I had them box it up immediately.  The clerks were friendly, funny and engaging and made some recommendations.  I picked out some treats for my housemate and before leaving grabbed a snack for my train ride home.

1-122112932706T0After paying and as I was about to leave the manager came out from the back of the shop.  I realized he should know what really brought me into the store – and more importantly, the two clerks, they too should know.  Really, it was because of them.  I shared with the three of them as I left, that I had only come in (and in turn made three purchases) as when I walked by, the two clerks smiled at me through the window.  Now don’t get me wrong – a window display with freshly made chocolates and other treats was a draw – but it was the kindness and openness that these two woman presented with their smiles that had me stop as I was walking, turn around and go into the shop.  As simple as that.

Whether they knew it or not, whether it was deliberate or not – I don’t know but their actions made me feel good inside with the simplest gesture.  In turn, I was able to do the same by sharing what they did for me, (and their store).  As I walked out of the shop to catch my train one of the clerks shared that I had completely made her day and the manager was beaming.
I share this story as it reminds me how simple it is to make someone feel important, that they matter and they belong.   What the clerks were able to do with their natural gesture I was able to reciprocate.  And that is what Three Things Consulting wants to do for you.  With feedback and guidance rooted in common sense, easy to use tools and strategies, programs and opportunities guided by the 3 Things and  accompanied by motivational and inspirational messages  – we want to help you ensure that those you serve, whether young people or a community as a whole know that they matter, they are important and they belong.

With years of experience working in the non-profit sector we appreciate that resources are as limited as expertise and experience are plentiful.   Many organizations have the desire and will to create more engaging programs and opportunities for those they serve while lacking the in-house capacity to do it alone.  We can help.  You might be planning a conference, event or activity and are looking for a relevant and engaging speaker, facilitator or emcee.  We can help.  You might have an issue in your community you want to address.  We can help.   With a background engaging youth and communities, specifically those who are greatly marginalized, our expertise can complement yours to develop programs, projects or strategies that matter.

Dale, Stephanie and I aThreeThingsTeamre grateful you have stopped by the Three Things Consulting website as we officially launch of our new company.   We believe in the 3 Things and the power they have.  We believe in bringing to the table all stakeholders to together create change in partnership.  We have seen it work and assisted in making it happen across Canada with diverse populations.  We are knowledgeable, informed on current best practices and skilled at relationship development.   We hope this visit leads to building a new relationship with you and your work.

Please follow our evolving story by visiting this blog regularly (and signing up to the RSS Feed above) where we will host ongoing dialogue and discussions started on topics important to you.  We have several exciting guest bloggers who will be joining us in coming months and we invite you contact us if you have an interest in sharing a story, idea or issue with us.  Follow us on Facebook for more regular updates and on Twitter as we share many organizations (and our own) ideas daily.

You visiting this site matters to us and is important.  Our goal is to help you feel like you belong.

And for the record…should you ever be near a Godiva Chocolatier, I strongly recommend the milk chocolate covered macaroon.  Dee-lightful.