What’s Your COVID-19 Self Care Strategy?

We are starting week three since the seriousness in Canada around COVID-19 really exploded.

We are watching the number of cases grow and the number of lives lost follow suit.  Now, thankfully, to date, the numbers don’t match that of other areas of the world; and though there could be reasons for that (amount of testing done for example), we feel confident it’s linked to how many are in fact following the direction of public health authorities and governments.  Provinces and Territories are working hard to hold back the virus and First Nations are increasingly closing their borders to outsiders to keep their Nations safe. Daily briefings update us all on the status from various levels – and social media is full of COVID-19 contents: some facts, some untrue but well-intentioned information and a whole lot of misinformation. 

It’s overwhelming for us all.

It’s why it’s so important to be taking care of our full selves: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  When one area falters, it weakens the rest as they have to carry the extra load.

We know that there is lots of great things happening across the country and around the world.  Share with us in the comments below – what you are doing to practise self care?

Here’s a helpful list of things we are trying to do here at Three Things – and trying is the best word to use.  Because, ya, it’s hard.  Yet, when we do several of these things each day – we feel so might lighter, in every way by days end.  We encourage you to take care of you – as that’s the best way you’ll be able to help someone else down the road.

Remember to share your ideas and things that work for you in the comments below and feel free to download and share this image with someone you think needs to be reminded that they matter, are important and belongs!