We have been privileged to work with the City of Kingston on various projects since 2013. This has included the facilitation of strategic planning for the City and the design and hosting of a Community Talking Circle and Talk Back Session at the Grand Theatre as part of their presentation of Going Home Star by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

We have worked with the City since 2015 on a proposed plan to bring together the local Indigenous and non-Indigenous community, and in January 2017 we launched our first Community Talking Circle as part of the City’s multi-faceted Engage for Change project which seeks to re-frame the relationship between Indigenous/First Peoples and non-Indigenous people in Kingston – especially as it relates to history, knowledge and culture. Its ultimate goal is to develop a City of Kingston relationship protocol to be adopted by City Council.

Throughout the year the Three Things Team consisting of Shannon, Pytor, Saimaniq and local Elders, most often Mr. Bernard Nelson, (who we are blessed to work with regularly), spend they day with Kingston residents in discussion and dialogue to build the awareness about Indigenous Peoples, in Canada and in the Kingston area.  These important discussions and the outcomes coming from them are proving to be very powerful for participants as resident and the City of Kingston walk in a good way towards the path of reconciliation.

Learn more about the City of Kingston and the important work they are taking a leadership role in.