Not everyone is interested in group gatherings or events, and many might be tired of virtual anything.

The Digital Interactive component will use different technologies each month to engage youth and gather input in an easy and safe way.

Using participation incentives and prizes as tools to engage students these are activities that can be completed in 15 minutes or less, submitted online.

June 2022

Building A Pathway Program For Me: Online Survey

Using a short, easy to use online survey to gather input and insights into key questions, which will be developed with input from Pathways Canada, this process also provides Three Things with a tool to follow up with youth, (if they consent) to engage them in further activities related to the project.

July 2022

Social Media Challenge: Why Pathways Matters

While it’s important to hear critical feedback from students it’s also essential to hear what sustains Pathways students’ participation in the program. For many, their connection to the program matters, and they know why. This activity will use multiple formats to help them share those stories and the outcomes the program is having in their lives.

August 2022

I Aspire…

For many students in Canada, they have hope they will be successful in high school, followed by post-secondary, and then into a career. That hope is the belief or expectation that something wished for can or will happen. In low-income and/or racialized communities across Canada, high school dropout rates can remain high when young people can’t believe that could apply to them. It is critical they aspire for the future they want to have…as it’s the first step in having hope, that it can happen. This session will help students explore what their aspirations are for themselves, younger siblings or cousins, their families, and communities and how the Pathways program can help them achieve it. Self-directed tools and creative outlets will help students showcase what, and who, they aspire to be in the future.

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