You Matter – More Than You Know!

So our crew of 21 youth from Kingston and Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory had life changing experiences (their words – not ours) in the Northwest Territories and if you have been following along on the groups Facebook Page, you’ve probably been as impressed with how amazing they are as a group. 

So now – we are calling on you to stand alongside all the young people – the Aboriginal and non who are working together to learn, share and build new relationships between cultures for a stronger future.  During National Youth Week (May 1st – 7th) the group from the north will be traveling to Kingston where they and the non-aboriginal youth from here will be further introduced to Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee culture and history, taking part in men’s and women’s circles, participating in ceremony and learn about the experiences of First Nation people in Ontario.  Not to mention heading off to Ottawa for a day, taking part in sports and our National Youth Week Honouring Dinner!

We can’t do this all alone – and this is why you matter so much!  This is a chance to show youth that they too matter! We hope you will join us in our IndieGoGo campaign to raise enough support for this important experience.  The youth are doing lots (including this weekend in Kingston holding a fundraising Bazaar) on their own – but we need adults from across Canada to stand up and support this important opportunity.  A donation of just $35 helps pay for the meals for a youth for a day – and the young people have created some wonderful perks to share with all their supporters!

Please consider giving today, sharing this blog and encouraging others to get involved so these change makers can do what they do best: create change!


North & South Connecting Youth Cultures Bazaar Poster

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