Spirit Speakers: Our Languages, Our Future

The Assembly of First Nations supports First Nations youth leadership and is keen to hear from you and we are so excited to be working with them again and our friends at Sakatay Global to create spaces where your voice matters!

We need your voice to help shape the future of language revitalization for all First Nations youth.

36 First Nations youth aged 14-24 will be selected from across Canada for an exciting three-day gathering to share, learn and direct the future for First Nations.
Delegates will create a series of Calls to Action around language revitalization – and have the chance to share those Calls with the AFN.

The goal is for delegates to leave the gathering inspired to continue creating positive change and contributing to something important to you and to the entire country.

Your voice matters and is essential to the future of First Nations language revitalization. We need your input to address your needs.

This event is geared to First Nations youth aged 14-24 years with diverse experiences; youth who are interested in language learning, are active language learners, or are language speakers; including those who have been identified as leaders or those who might not often be invited to take part in these kinds of activities.

The goal of this gathering is to build an increased awareness of Indigenous language revitalization priorities for First Nations youth and young people.  AFN will encourage youth leadership and engagement, including the sharing of experiences and proposed solutions.  The first-hand perspectives of First Nations youth are essential in charting a path forward.

Deadline to Apply: March 17th, 2020 8:00 PM EST

Submit the Online Application now!

If you would rather, you can download the Spirit Speakers- Our Languages, Our Future Application application - please save/scan and send back to youmatter@3things.ca along with other required attachments.

Click to download Spirit Speakers Consent Form for Under 18 or Spirit Speakers Consent Form for 18 and Over and be sure to send your signed forms by email to youmatter@3things.ca with your name and Forms in the subject line before the deadline!

More Information

Spirit Speakers: Our Languages, Our Future is a First Nations youth language revitalization forum hosted by the Assembly of First Nations and designed and facilitated by Sakatay Global and Three Things Consulting.  The three-day forum will provide a platform for 36 First Nations youth, between the ages of 14 – 24 years, from across the country to come together and discuss issues they face around Indigenous language. Between Friday, March 27th and Monday, March 30th, 2020, with the assistance of trained facilitators and after having the chance to fully exchange their ideas in a safe space, delegates will have the opportunity to share their perspectives with policy and decision-makers.

Spirit Speakers: Our Languages, Our Future will provide a space for First Nations youth to shape solutions to current challenges in language revitalization. Youth will be encouraged to share openly and participate in group discussions on topics of interest in their community or home First Nation. The design of the gathering will allow delegates to make connections with others and share positive activities, initiatives, and achievements in their local First Nations or urban spaces around language revitalization. This includes using creative tools to share their stories (art, music, etc.) and time for socializing with the other young people.

Three Things Consulting is a national Indigenous owned company that works to create safe and supported space for youth and local First Nations to speak, be heard and create change.  Known for their 20+ years of experience supporting youth and families, their team has planned, designed, facilitated and hosted more than 250 events.

  • Coast 2 Coast (a national train trip with 50 youth in care between Vancouver and Nova Scotia)
  • Enhancing Indigenous Education Through Co-Creation for the Rideau Hall Foundation
  • Msit No’Kmaq: All My Relations, a trans-Atlantic sail training, cultural healing program for 45 Indigenous youth between the ages of 16 – 21 years old
  • Raised Voices: Carriers of Hope, a National youth education policy forum, where 36 youth created calls to action to strengthen First Nations education
  • Mekite’tm 2019: I am Proud, An Indigenous youth experience at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games and Machu Picchu

Sakatay Global, a First Nations owned business works with socially conscious organizations who believe in truth and reconciliation. We provide organizations with the tools to build their cultural confidence in order to cultivate vibrant and meaningful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous colleagues, customers and partners. Sakatay and Three Things Consulting have been partners in various youth programs, combining expertise to create safe, caring and powerful gatherings that create change. Sakatay is an Oji-Cree word meaning sunrise.  Our logo reflects the image of a sunrise over the waters and lands of Turtle Island.  It represents a new day.  It represents learning. It represents change.  It represents relationships, understanding, and peaceful co-existence.

Between these two groups young people are supported with a team of Elders, facilitators and youth practitioners through the day and night.