There will be students who won’t be interested or able to travel to take part at an in-person gathering yet may still want to contribute to this national conversation.

Our Virtual Gatherings, held over Zoom, begin with grounding the group in a series of shared agreements for the process and community building, will use both large and small group discussions and activities to gather youth voices and input.

Live language interpretation (French and English) will be offered.

Each student will receive a gift card for participating.

While the first Virtual Gathering is focused on one key group of Pathways students, the following two are open to the first 30 students who register.

The first two gatherings will be 3 hours long, and the final virtual gathering will be 6 hours with a break for lunch.

August 15th 2022

What Does Youth Voice Mean: In Our Voice

.Organizations use the term ‘youth voice’ frequently, yet, what does it mean to young people? What do they think of when they hear it and what do they want it to mean? Open to any Pathways students and rooted in their experiences with the program, they will help shape their definition of youth voice that can influence Pathways Canada’s understanding of what it means, to students.

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August 16th 2022

Members of Pathways Advisory Groups and Other Youth Leaders

Across Programs there are differing levels of youth engagement and leadership, many of which are anchored in advisory groups / committees / councils. These leaders have great insights and experience about the Program and being engaged, providing valuable stories to share. If you are involved in a leadership role – or see yourself as a leader, register today.

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August 25th 2022

What’s Working? What’s Not?

A key question that young people are the experts in. In this day long virtual event students will be able to share, from their experience, the strengths, and challenges they see in the Pathways program model. As we know that relationships are often very strong between Pathways students and Program staff, and sometimes sharing critical feedback can be difficult, this will be the only virtual gathering where Pathways staff, (nationally or from Programs) will not be invited to join, allowing students to share freely their truths.

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If you have any questions, please email us at