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Share freely with your Indigenous relations who access health care in Kingston, Frontenac or Lennox and Addington so they can learn about this opportunity!

If you access health care in Frontenac, Lennox, and Addington Counties, get involved by staying tuned to this website for Virtual Indigenous Sharing Circles on Health throughout December!

Their voices – your voices…our voices…they matter!  Click here to register today for one of our open Circles:  December 5th, 8th and 14th.

As Indigenous Peoples, regardless of our background, we have been witness to the painful experiences of our relations across the country in the health care system through the media, while you may have had you own personal challenges accessing culturally safe and relevant care.  For many, it feels that in the summer and fall of 2020 we have seen less care, and more system – and at times, its deadly outcomes.

Systemic racism compounded by health care professionals who are ignorant and uninformed to the history of Indigenous People in Canada and unaware of our health needs or world views is a challenge, while those who freely display bias in their interactions with us or worse, act in overtly racist ways, wears on us. The systems that are created to provide care, for Indigenous Peoples, for some, at times feels like they only increase pain.

At Three Things Consulting we know health care is a critical issue for all Indigenous Peoples and we are humbled to be tasked with the important responsibility to engage our Indigenous relations who who receive care in the Frontenac, Lennox, and Addington Counties, (FL&A).  We will be creating virtual spaces to share experiences and recruit members of the larger Indigenous community throughout FL&A who want to become actively involved in reimagining what components of the health system could look like for Indigenous Peoples.

We are hopeful and optimistic as a new health care model is being developed in this region by a partnership of medical and community leaders: the Frontenac, Lennox, and Addington Ontario Health Team, also known as the FL&A OHT.  The leadership has to date demonstrated a clear and genuine commitment to ensuring that Indigenous voices are heard and valued.  They worked with members of the Indigenous community to shape the proposal that has been accepted by the Government of Ontario and now are getting ready for year one, where they will be building an Ontario Health Team for this area.

Three Things, an Indigenous owned company, was engaged in the summer to facilitate a virtual discussion with health leaders and Indigenous community members, and that has led us to here: where we want to visit and chat to ensure that your experiences are heard while identifying Indigenous community members from across the KFL&A area to take part as members of each of the five Operational and two Decision Making groups over the next year.

Throughout December we will be holding five Virtual Indigenous Health Sharing Circles: providing space for sharing and learning about the development of the Ontario Health Team for this area.  In these Circles we will be looking for community members who might want to sit on the various Groups (detailed below) in order to ensure that Indigenous voices and feedback is heard. As we undertake this role, we keep in our hearts and minds the life and death of Joyce Echaquan, along with her family and Nation.  We recognize the seriousness of the issue at hand and we do all we can to ensure we amplify the voices shared and that those who choose to take part in the Groups, are genuinely heard.

Unless you are representing a First Nation or organization in an official capacity, you don’t have to worry about speaking for us all.  You will speak for you: based on your experiences and of those closest to you.  You are an expert in your journey.  The same applies if you choose to be involved in the creation of this new OHT model of care.

Think about it.  You can help design a system that is less system, and more care.  You can help bring Indigenous values, beliefs, approaches and world views into the discussions – and maybe the final product: a health system that is designed with us, for us.

You don’t have to know lots about the health system, your own culture, teachings or background.  We know not everyone does – and that is OK.  We hope that by being involved in this process you can learn more, in many areas of your life.

So, as a starting place, why not join one of our Circles – or host one for us with your community, friends / family or organization.  Each Circle will have an Elder present to offer support and each participant will receive a gift card as a way of saying, Miigwech.  We will open with Ceremony, in a good way and share a set of agreements for the Circle.

We are very excited to meet you.  In the 2016 census there were almost 10,000 Indigenous People identified in this area.  Wouldn’t it be great to meet some new friends and relations?

Come to one of the Circles and you can.

Email [email protected] for more information, to set up a Circle in your community or to find out how else you can be involved!